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March 19

The Big Funk – Suspicious women, grease and baths. (Theatre Review)

The Big Funk Suspicious Woman Productions Tap Gallery – March 11 – 21 You can grab your tickets here John Patrick Shanley is definitely a romantic. His heroes always have to perform a grand sweeping gesture that involves some sort of love connection to resolve the problem a residue of build up from the difficulties […]

September 20

Four Dogs and Bone – Kate Gaul at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre review)

Four Dogs and a Bone Brief Candle Productions with SITCO for Sydney Fringe 16 to 27 September You can grab your tickets here.  Photo credits – Katy Green-Loughrey There is a peculiar immodesty in writing that assumes fame and money will naturally follow recognition, when overwhelmingly, the converse is true – that even when success […]

December 15

The Dreamer Examines his Pillow – Unpathed Theatre Company and Vashti Pontaks take us on a journey within. (Theatre Review)

It’s a brave director that takes on John Patrick Shanley, but to perform possibly his most complex internally referenced work brought to the surface of all things as a first time director is the kind of challenge that must have left director Vashti Pontaks so transformed she can’t recognise herself in the mirror. Pontaks is […]

Savage in Limbo – John Patrick Shanley and Workhorse Theatre company ask should I stay or should I go?

In the world of Plato’s cave, truth is an elusive and frightening thing. Because it finds us, we are in a perpetual dance with it – a dance of desire, awareness, shock and avoidance. This pattern plays itself out within us unless we decide to embrace our own truth and risk the accompanying fear and move forward […]