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October 27

The Gift – Joel Edgerton sells out his female protagonist in the worst possible way. (Film Review)

The Gift is a puzzle in itself, in that Joel Edgerton (writer, director and playing Gordo the weirdo) has immersed himself in the tropes of the thriller constantly examining and subverting them with the painfully obvious exception of his female lead, the perpetually little black dress-wrapped Robyn. Actress Rebecca Hall does a typically brilliant job, […]

October 10

Black Mass – Deep chracterisation reveals there is no honour among theives. (Film review)

  Black Mass has been accused of unsuccessfully mimicking its predecessors such as Goodfellas. It’s a tedious and lazy comparison that again reinforces the over-hyped adulation of Scorsese and further entrenched that film in particular as the ultimate bench mark for gangster film perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Goodfellas, but it can’t defend […]