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February 08

The Spoils – White guilt and the monied left. (Theatre Review)

The Spoils Flight Path Theatre From 29 January to 8 February. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Clare Hawley Please note: I attended this production as a full paying ticket holder in order to relay a complete audience member experience. I did not receive any gratuity from a publicist or a production company. […]

April 20

Orphans – Magic realism and the hyper-surreal father. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre, 14 April to 9 May – You can grab tickets here. Photos – Rupert Reid One can’t question Orphans pedigree. Though it appears quaintly old-fashioned these days – perhaps even more so to a contemporary 2015 Sydney indie audience who may be more savvy than their American […]

January 01

The Imitation Game – How many copies do you want? (Film Review)

Think of all the worst clichés about mad scientists, the “driven genius” and closeted homosexual males consumed by intense frustration resulting in profound works of greatness and you have The Imitation Game, a clumsy, frustratingly banal film more interested in preserving the mythology around masculine genius (complete with tics, physical awkwardness, ugliness and a delightful […]

May 07

The Double – Richard Ayoade and the Dostoevsky Dystopia. (Film Review)

So here we arrive at Richard Ayoade’s second feature film, The Double, a take on the much admired novella by Dostoyevsky. The Double remains fairly close to the original writers narrative plot. For many reasons this is film belongs to Jesse Eisenberg and art director David Crank with Eisenberg coming off as more complex than […]

August 08

Now You See Me – Louis Leterrier and the magic of magic. (film review)

Do sleight of hand and cinema actually mix?  This is the central question for Louis Leterrier, who has made a film that he describes as ‘an ode to magic.’ Using existing magic tricks and making them ‘super big’ or introducing new magic tricks, Leterrier does manage to capture the glamour of large scale modern magic […]