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Jean Pierre Melville: Un Flic

I’m lucky enough to be on a Melville kick at the moment. I have a small box set that I was smart enough to buy a while back and I have several brilliant films on order. So my Melville review will be spread over several films, seeing as many of the themes of his work […]

La Strada: A tale trapped between earth and sky

It’s difficult to watch La Strada. What do you say about a film that has been talked about endlessly and a director who is worshipped endlessly? It’s hard to rise above the ocean of feeling pulsing through the stream in which one swims. I can’t help being a woman in 2011, aware of the masculine […]

Les Enfants Terribles: A Jean Cocteau and Jean-Pierre Melville masterpiece.

I had the intense pleasure of watching Les Enfants Terribles yesterday, an experience not unlike being in a dorothy-like tornado of subversion. This astonishingly perversive film – made ten years before La Nouvelle Vague  – had me clearly seeing why Jean Pierre Melville was called the godfather of the French New wave. Apparently Jean Cocteau […]