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February 04

Dallas Buyers Club – Jean-Marc Vallée asks how should crises affect a system? (Film review)

There are no spoilers in this review. If Dallas Buyers Club succeeds at anything (besides Matthew McConaughey teriff performance) it reveals the devastating impact, not necessarily of prejudice, but the first worlds astounding inability to act when a true crises hits. The FDA (in this country it is the TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration), whether […]

Cafe de Flore – Music, ritual, religion and life.

It’s a very brave move to make a spiritualist film in this day and age – particularly one that is well made and treated with great respect. This isn’t some new-agey guff like The Tree of Life, this is an approach at that hard-core naked spirituality.  You know, Christianity and reincarnation. While the tree of […]