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August 23

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – Harald Zwart and the tweenie girl thing. (film review)

It is with some trepidation that I approach a review of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. For starters, it is impossible to separate the film from the book and I haven’t read the book.  Also, the film has to be seen in the context of its audience.  There is no point comparing it with […]

July 21

Destricted – The place where art and pornography connect. (film review)

Please note – many of the You Tube excerpts I have added here are sexually graphic. Please don’t watch this material if you suspect this might bother you. According to Jean-Luc Godard the primary role of popular films and almost all television, is to see our “story” reinforced. No where is this more obvious than […]

January 28

Le Gai Savoir – Godard teaches while we experience the Joy of Learning. (film review)

And not of the fear of dying – I have always been reconciled to that – but of this expanse in front of me, on all sides, like a forgotten path. Terrified to find myself in front of a mirror without any images.  To feel the shadow on an absent being detached from me. Engaged […]

January 22

2 or 3 Things I know about her – Jean Luc Godard whispers meaningfully. (Film Review)

The above scene is easily one of the greatest in the history of cinema. It is Godard’s beautiful lament as his character stares into the cup of coffee that looks like the active universe that gives this scene its power.  Godard whispers: “But since social relations are always ambiguous, since thought divides as much as […]

Bande à part – Godard celebrates the outsider.

The importance and influence of Bande à part on cinema today simply can ‘t be overestimated. That is if you think names like Quentin Tarentino and  Jean Pierre Junet have much of a say in the direction cinema has taken in the last few decades.  Without this film the concept of gangsters ‘hanging out’ and chatting about […]

SFF: Play it like Godard – Jonathan Zaccaï pokes fun at precociousness

One thing I just have to say before I went to the film last night, is how bloody AMAZING the Vivid Sydney festival is.  I Haven’t been to this festival before – despite its review as one of the top ten festivals in the world in the Guardian and despite its being a ten minute train […]

À bout de souffle – At breaths End – Breathless 52 years on.

I watched Breathless (again) last week. I know – lucky lucky me. Of course it inspired me to buy myself a New York Herald Tribune T-shirt. I vowed to only ever wear stripes again. I almost cut all my hair and went back to being a blonde – Almost. So what is there to say […]

Contempt – Enjoy a little Avant-Godard

“’The cinema,’ Andre Bazin said, ‘substitutes for our gaze a world that corresponds to our desires.’ Contempt is a story of this world.” I just cried my way through a third viewing of Contempt (Le Mépris) a film I never ever tire of. I know there are some vague problems with this film – it doesn’t have […]

Paris vu Par: Godard gathers up his friends to show us Paris.

With all my cinematic meanderings my inner boomerang (it’s an Aussie thing) will always bring me back to my beloved French New Wave.  Despite my passion for Bergman and my adoration of the Czech New Wave, Godard ‘does it for me’ in every conceivable way.  He is the right balance of all things a film […]

Au Hasard Balthazar: Life in a world that hates us.

In New York City at the moment there is a Bresson retrospective and I am insanely jealous – what wouldn’t I give to be in New York to see this at the Forum at the moment (besides the obvious – the cash to get there)! One of the films on offer will be Au Hasard […]