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February 03

Compás – Jules Faife creates out of what he left behind. (Music Review)

When an artist, fresh and new to humanity, is learning a craft, they make their way in the world on a kind of Odyssey to self, the search directed outward is in order to find a path inside, to spiral down to that place uniquely theirs, not reactionary, not admonishing, but fully expressed, the word, […]

Ray Russell Quartet – Dragon Hill: Avant Garde tipping off the edge of trad.

Dragon Hill Russell 2 Something in the Sky 3 Can I Have My Paper Back 4 We Lie Naked in White Snow 5 Mandala I have a lovely little tid bit for you today.  This is one of my favourite wind down discs – a ver neglected classic that will blow you away the more […]

Hear O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony in Jazz or How to keep the young at the synagogue.

Lucky lucky me. Look what landed in my letterbox last night! I’m behind the 8-ball as usual, this was (re)released June 2008, but if your a fan of experimental and avant garde jazz, you will kick yourself for not already having this just as I did when I first got my ears on a couple […]

Mountain Time Standards – Josh Quinlan Quintet: Jazz Colorado Style

Josh Quinlan is a Colorado based saxophonist, composer and educator. His ten original compositions that make up Mountain Time Standards reflect on the beauty of living in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. This album features award-winning musicians and longtime musical partners of Quinlan’s including Ben Markley, John Lake, Ed Breazeale and Kells Nollenberger. Quinlan […]

Sonore – Oto: Every assertion automatically becomes its opposite.

01 Fragments For An Endgame Sonore is Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson;  seasoned players who each have credits listed to their names. They come together as Sonore which is its own unanimous committment to their music as a process. These are players each intimately engaged with their instruments, allowing their engaging to be a perpetual lesson in […]

Chamberpot – S/T – rare rare rare jazz.

A little tiny music post today, because I wanted to feature this brilliant album that i have been listening to, that is unfortunately so rare I can hardly find any decent research info on it. But Oh my god – its STUNNING! It is extremely hard to get your hands on this brilliant album that came to […]