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February 03

Compás – Jules Faife creates out of what he left behind. (Music Review)

When an artist, fresh and new to humanity, is learning a craft, they make their way in the world on a kind of Odyssey to self, the search directed outward is in order to find a path inside, to spiral down to that place uniquely theirs, not reactionary, not admonishing, but fully expressed, the word, […]

Roil – Frost Frost: Jazz Improv and beauty alive and well in Sydney

I’m off to see The Necks tonight – lucky lucky me – so there will be a review of that concert tomorrow. Today I thought I would review Roil Frost Frost, as they are another Sydney Jazz improv band – an off shoot project of The Necks Pianist Chris Abrahams in fact. Roil is: a […]

Brainstorm – Smile a while! Add a little Jazz fusion to your day.

  So, this is a nice and snazzy little number to start your weekend with. Sure, its Jazz fusion, but it adds some Prog with a dash of Zappa for spice. We start this album with the gettin-ready-to-hit-the-town fun of Das Schwein Trugt (above), and then track two  Zwick Zwick eases us into the rest of the […]

Association P.C.: Erna Morena – Jazz fusion/prog/avant garde Canterbury oriented sound

Get a load of THIS brilliant album! Jazz meets chic in this mish-mash of electronic cool. Association P.C. was founded in 1969 by Dutch keyboarder Jasper van’t Hof along with the Dutch drummer Pierre Courbois and the German guitarist Toto Blanke. The bassist was sometimes the Dutchman Peter Krijnen, sometimes the German Sigi Busch. Association […]