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May 11

The Importance of Being Earnest – Furies Theatre and the importance of influence (Theatre Review)

The Importance of Being Earnest Furies Theatre at The Exchange Hotel Balmain May 5 to 17 – You can Grab your tickets here (be fast – this one is selling out) The double is a concept that has intrigued readers and writers for many centuries, exemplified in the Dostoyevsky novel  (of which he didn’t wholly […]

April 30

Pride and Prejudice – Genesian Theatre gives us some deep Austen love. (Theatre Review)

  I love Pride and Prejudice, which I know, singles me out as completely ordinary among white western women. It’s a novel I read at least once a year, because by golly the woman can write. I’m not one of these who subscribes to the notion she wrote the first “romcom”  – which is nonsense […]

January 30

Pride and Prejudice turns 200 – Jane Austen and timless wit.

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance you know. There will always be vexation and grief, and you’re better to know as little as possible of the defects of your marriage partner. You know it is not sound. You would never act like that yourself. Well it seems that Jane will not. so […]

November 20

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 3: Genre as morality and defender of truth.

This post has multiple parts.  For part one, please go here. Before I launch into my defence of the strange suggestion that genre fiction is the defender of truth and morality and therefore the very opposite of what art is meant to be, let me make a quick statement. By genre fiction, I mean fiction […]

November 19

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 2: The difference between genre and literary fiction. (Article)

This is a multiple part article. For the first part, which serves as a brief introduction, please go here. In the first part of his discussion, I posed the central question: Is genre fiction art? I mentioned a lot of different points, splattered around as if I had paint-gunned my thoughts onto the blog page. In this […]

Jane Austen: At the top of the Kindle pile.

Spare me just a moment to bend my knee and worship at the Jane Austen altar. Trawling around the net today in search of Fodder for my best books of 2011 list (groan I know but you know you want it) and realising in horror I have to read IQ84 books one and two before […]