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September 30

The Films of David Fincher – Zodiac (Film review)

ZodiacĀ is, without doubt David Fincher’s masterpiece and unbeknownst to everyone at the time, it will become the benchmark for all future Fincher films. It is the perfectly realised balance of a fine script, brilliant performances, technical acumen and above all an implacable restraint that is made all the more potent for the films one hundred […]

October 07

Prisoners – Denis Villeneuve misses his “one shot”. (Film Review)

If the title alone doesn’t inform you Prisoners is a film about war, the opening shots leave the viewer in no doubt. A beautiful image of a deer walking a snowy path is soon framed by a forest of irenic trees as the camera pans slowly back, Hugh Jackman’s voiceover recites the Lords Prayer eventuating […]

End of Watch – David Ayer takes the cop buddy movie a little deeper.

I’ve read that Ayer write this script in under a week, and I have to say you can tell. There is enough good stuff in the film to carry it, but a huge let down for me is how underdeveloped the Brain Taylor (really well-played by Jake Gyllenhaal) character is. There are far too many […]