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Va Savoir – Jacques Rivette and the subtle pleasures of the Nouvelle Vague

Va savoir begins in total blackness. A spotlight pierces the dark. A leg steps into the beam, and then full illumination reveals the enigmatic Camille (Jeanne Balibar), an actress performing in Paris as a member of a traveling theater group. She fled the city a few years earlier to escape from her philosopher boyfriend Pierre (Jacques Bonnaffé). He, […]

Céline and Julie go boating – The quiet achiever of the French new wave goes epic.

How does one describe a film that encompasses the entire world in its enormity? This is easily one of my all time favourite films.  I love it for nostalgic reasons and I love it for itself. It is a holy epic, pure in its revelations, uncompromising in its commitment to its own depth. There is so much to say […]