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March 16

The Local – Did your local pub need its upgrade? (Theatre Review)

The Local Exchange Hotel, Insomniac Theatre Company March 8 – 20. You can grab your tickets here.  Image – GiGee Photography It was a moment of realisation for me when I discovered the strange faux 1970’s style aesthetics of Australian clubs, that seem enhanced with each interior decorating upgrade, were deliberate and designed to appeal […]

April 19

Jerry And Tom – The character that has character. (Theatre review)

Jerry and Tom Insomniac Theatre The Exchange Hotel, 9 April to 30 April, you can grab tickets here. Photos by GiGee Photography Note: Rick Cleveland has kindly left some great comments below, which greatly contribute to my review and reviewing in general. Please be sure to read them. Rick Cleveland wrote Jerry and Tom in […]

March 21

Motherhood Out Loud – Insomniac Theatre says the unsayable as we laugh. (Theatre review)

Motherhood Out Loud Insomniac Theatre (buy tickets here) March 19 – April 6 2014 It seems at its surface, that we talk about parenting constantly, but like our perpetual discussion of sex, it is not so much quantity but quality that defines the value of the public discourse; Sometimes the endless conversation is there to […]