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Persona: Bergman’s film of obsession and control.

Never in my life have I responded so powerfully to a film as I did when I first watched Persona. Even Vivre Sa Vie (currently my favorite film of all those I have seen) didn’t move me in the same way Persona did. I found Persona shocking.  At the same time I was flawed by […]

The Hour of the Wolf: The decent into madness at Bergman’s behest.

“It is the hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are more real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fear, when ghosts and demons are most powerful. The Hour of the Wolf is also the hour when most children are born.” I watched Bergman’s The Hour of […]

Fanny and Alexander: Bergmans final triumph

At the risk of coming across all Woody Allen-ish on you, I have to declare there is something extra special about Bergman. I get this sense of ‘I-will-never-be-the-same-again after I see one of his films. This will be a shorter review because I was only able to get my hands on the 3 hour version […]

Mouchette: The Muses never talk to each other, but sometimes they dance.

“For me the order and position of characters and the framing of the shot are the essence of cinema. They’re much more important than simple dramatic action which is only revealed through the form the shot takes. In cinema what matters is the form, and this must be given priority.”  Robert Bresson And so Mouchette begins with […]