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August 21

4:48 Psychosis – Sarah Kane and the inclusion of everything. (Theatre Review)

4:48 Psychosis Workhorse Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Tyhe Old Fitz Theatre 16 August – 9 September You can grab your tickets here Images:¬†Andre Vasquez   It is already too late to think in terms of separate genres or subgenres of critical discourse necessarily explained and expanded in some clear-cut cultural division of labour […]

March 20

The Laden Table – A future constructed from a troubled past. (Theatre review)

The Laden Table bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre 10-25 March You can grab your tickets here Images: Natasha Narula It is said that the victors take possession of the dead. This phrase is often used to describe the political motivations of an elected person or a dictator. But does it not equally describe those […]