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March 02

30 Years Ago Today: Repo Man – Alex Cox and the Lattice of Coincidence. (Film Review)

If Repo Man is the seemingly miraculous meeting of perfect dialogue with perfect performances with a directorial aesthetic that both pierced the facade of Reaganomics as well as accurately representing a relatively unknown, and yet soon to be infamous sub culture along with the perfect soundtrack, then it begs the question, how often are these […]

February 28

Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch, William Blake and the death of America. (film review)

Some are born to sweet delight, some are borne to endless night. William Blake In 1793, William Blake wrote America a Prophesy which amounts to a kind of formula for revolution. One of the subplots of the work is oppression of the mind – what we might call ‘unconsciousness’ in pop terminology today. Blake had […]

Getting In League with the Humans

In 1977 something very exciting happened. Two young dudes – Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were working on one of those youth arts projects (Meatwhsitle – a prime feeder of Fringe festivals from what I can gather) ¬†as computer operators and … they met. A mutual love of avant guard music and being interested […]