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October 22

A View from the Bridge – Iain Sinclair and the justification for Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

A View from the Bridge Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre – 18 October -25 November You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Supplied by Red Line Productions A real question exists for the serious theatre-goer as to what is happening when we see repeated texts. As a great writer friend of mine suggested […]

July 12

Of Mice and Men – Sport for Jove bring an almost perfect producton to life (Theatre Review)

Of Mice and Men Seymour Centre, Reginald theatre 9 – 25 July You can grab your tickets here. It is a testament to the great writer, John Steinbeck that Of Mice and Men can be told so often, can still move so powerfully and can retain its precarious balance refusing to fall helplessly into melodrama […]