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November 04

The Dressmaker – Jocelyn Moorehouse makes an almost perfect film. (Film review)

If it is true that there is a crises in film criticism over the way females and female-centricĀ films are judged, and it is, then it is also true that this can be used against male-centric critics when properly assessing those films that are ticket purchase worthy. The Dressmaker is a classic example of this poorly […]

November 21

The Mule – Toilet humour with an art house touch. (Film Review)

The challenge in contemporary toilet humour (which we can’t consider abandoning as giggling about our bowel movements and the unique ability they have to offend each of our five senses is a universal form of humour) is freshness; essential when you consider we’ve been laughing at our own toilet habits before we could talk, and […]

February 23

Cloud Atlas – The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer make the most expensive independant film of all time. (film review)

Lana and Andy Wachowski have definitely got a “real is not really what you think real is” thing going. With the enormous success of their Matrix trilogy and then the follow-up successes with films such as V for Vendetta, they have established themselves as a powerful force in that world between worlds narrative. Tom Tykwer […]