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January 03

50 Years ago Today: Marnie – Hitchcock’s unrecognised masterpiece. (Film Review)

Robbed! Not just poorly criticised in its time, but reviled and even hated, Marnie, situated just after Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Birds is something of a sleeper masterwork by the brilliant director that may still be revealing it’s multilayered brilliance fifty years on.  In fact Marnie is so intelligent, so complex, so laced with conflicting […]

January 21

Hitchcock – A Wikipedia guide to Psycho from Sasha Gervasi. (Film Review)

What an odd film! I’m not sure which side of the fence to fall on after watching Hitchcock. For a film I thought would be terrible, I had a rather good time.  I was compelled to go home directly and watch Psycho, currently shown for free all over the net – something I think is […]

Shadow of a Doubt – Hitchcock offers us a little Freud.

Shadow of a doubt is an early Hitchcock  piece of masterful film making (1943) primarily around the theme of doubles, or twos, a theme Hitchcock would re visit many times over in future films. In this film no one is singular, everyone comes in a pair. Two detectives, sisters and brothers  husbands and wives, uncles and nieces, two […]