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March 02

30 Years Ago Today: Repo Man – Alex Cox and the Lattice of Coincidence. (Film Review)

If Repo Man is the seemingly miraculous meeting of perfect dialogue with perfect performances with a directorial aesthetic that both pierced the facade of Reaganomics as well as accurately representing a relatively unknown, and yet soon to be infamous sub culture along with the perfect soundtrack, then it begs the question, how often are these […]

August 31

The Sydney Underground Film Festival – Sept 5 – Sept 8

The Sydney Underground Film Festival runs from Thursday the 5th of September through to Sunday the 8th of September. You can purchase tickets here. Highlights of this years Underground film fest are Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film, The Dance of Reality and Paul Schrader’s latest film The Canyon’s. Each of these films are opening and closing […]

November 13

Seven Psychopaths Review – Martin McDonagh goes cute n’ clever on the art of the screenplay.

Seven Psychopaths is one of those really cute and really clever takes on the Hollywood screenplay.  I have to say up front that Martin McDonagh (who writes this as well as directs it) is giving Tarentino the elbow here in a film that is sort of homage sort of pay-out, sort of frustrated attempt to […]