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March 24

Katzelmacher – Fassbinder makes his first “bourgeois” film. (film review)

When Fassbinder called Katzelmacher his frist “bourgeois” film (it was made in August 1969 over nine days and is his second feature ever made) word has it he called it that because it is a film conceived against real life rather than other films. The first film he made, Love is Colder than Death (a […]

December 03

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul – Older Woman Younger Man Fassbinder style (Film Review)

Since the dawn of time older chicks and younger dudes have been gettin’ it on, but it’s remained a societal taboo despite its ubiquity. There’s definitely something about it that offends us – ¬†misogynistic mythology will be at the heart of the offence and there are probably countless decent books on the subject. However, film […]

Love is Colder than Death – Fassbinder starts out with a bang.

The above scene gives a strong indication of the power of Fassbinders full length feature, Love is Colder than Death. ¬†I felt this was a wonderful debut although I have read it got him little love at the time. He was seen as an arrogant upstart – which, lets face it, he probably was – […]

Lili Marleen: Fassbinder’s take on Nazism.

  Rainer Werner Fassbinder is famous for having spun out a large number of films before he died of a heroin overdose at the age of thirty-seven. It’s almost as if he knew he had a deadline date to try to get as much out there as possible. I’ve stocked up on a few Fassbinders […]