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December 22

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Peter Jackson steps into the light. (Film review)

I have a perverse loyalty issue with TLOTR / Hobbit franchise, and that is I’m a sucker for these ground-breaking, mythologized pictures that are so huge and big and enormous and massive that you can’t remember who you are or where you are or why you are, nothing in your mind making sense because of […]

July 09

Pacific Rim – Guillermo del Toro and tweenage passion. (Film Review)

There is a wonderful scene in Team America where almost all of Paris (including the Louvre and all it contains) is blown to smithereens in the name of catching a bad guy. At the end of the scene the French, who are staring mouths agape at the ruins around them, are told not to worry, […]