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January 12

Fag/Stag – Nihilism and the cult of youth. (Theatre Review)

Fag/Stag Griffin Theatre Company and The Last Great Hunt. Stables Theatre, 10 – 27 January. You can grab your tickets here. Socrates, the father of all philosophers, was condemned to death on the charge of ‘corrupting youth.’ In may ways this has laid the foundation for the corruption of youth as a pre-requisite for change […]

June 05

The Ham Funeral – Theatre as the ruin of discursivity. (Theatre Review)

The Ham Funeral Siren Theatre Company and Griffin Independent 17 May to 10 June Griffin Theatre You can grab your tickets here. The dramatic death of Mr Lusty and the ensuing ham funeral in his honour should have heralded the departure for Australian culture from our mouldy, illicit landlord England, toward a celebrated separateness. Instead […]

August 15

Tribunal – Face to face with the deepest problem of the political left. (Theatre Review)

Tribunal Griffin Theatre in association with Powerhouse Youth Theatre This play is sold out. You can learn more about it here. The central problem for Tribunal lay not in the many beautiful layers of its presentation of the troubling stories of those marginalised by white Australia. Rather it came to light in the all-important question […]

June 02

The Literati – Molière brought to new life by Justin Fleming. (Theatre review)

The Literati Griffin Theatre Company and Bell Shakespeare The stables theatre from 27 May to 16 July. You can grab your tickets here. In the film Mistress America, a young man named Tony studying literature at Columbia follows his friends into a home that is occupied by a group of pregnant women holding a book club. […]

May 15

As We Forgive – Seeing ourselves in the eyes of youth. (Theatre Review)

As We Forgive Griffin Theatre Company and Tasmania Performs Discover more about As We Forgive here. It was Freud who asked not if a man is justified to be jealous of his wife, but rather why his jealousy was necessary to his sense of self worth. In a world of unexamined morality – a morality […]

July 12

The Dapto Chaser – Mary Rachel Brown and the importance of language. (Theatre review)

The Dapto Chaser Griffin Theatre from 1 – 25 July You can grab your tickets here.  It has been a highlight of my 2015 theatre-attending year, to see some beautifully written Australian works. Post cultural cringe Aussie aesthetics of the sort that would have Patrick White giggling and dancing about at the pretentious after show […]

June 23

The Violent Outburst that Drew Me To You – Kate Gaul and the smell of teen spirit. (Theatre Review)

The Violent Outburst that Drew me to You Griffin Theatre with Siren Theatre Company 18 June to 12 July. You can grab tickets here. We all know that overwhelming frustrated anger that the human caught between a departure from childhood and the passage into adulthood experiences. Is everyone around me stupid? is the cry of […]