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July 09

Glittery Clittery – A cult feminist cosmic disco. (Theatre Review)

Glittery Clittery Fringe Wives Club and The Furies Stables theatrre 8 – 20 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Kate Pardy When one is dealing with a universal structuring principle, like feminism, one always assumes (in principle of course) it is possible to apply the structuring principle to all its potential elements so […]

May 23

Prima Facie – Griffin Theatre packs a powerhouse punch. (Theatre Review)

Prima Facie Griffin Theatre Company 17 May to 22 June. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Brent Boardman In 1978 Michel Foucault famously stated “Where there is power there is resistance”[1] It can therefore logically be argued that any form of resistance indicates the presence of power. However, social science does preoccupy itself with […]

February 03

Intersection 2019 Arrival – the hopeful corruption of young theatre makers. (Theatre Review)

Intersection 2019: Arrival Stables Theatre ATYP@Griffin 30 Jan – 16 Feb. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Tracey Schramm Socrates, the father of all philosophers, was condemned to death on charges of “corrupting youth.” To paraphrase Socrates via Alain Badiou, corruption of youth does not involve power, sex or money. Actually, it‘s the reverse […]

July 13

Hello Beautiful – A Playwright plays a playwright’s life. (Theatre Review)

Hello Beautiful Griffin Theatre Company and Performing Lines 9-14 July 2018 You can grab tickets here. Images: Andrew Bott What is happening when we watch Hannie Rayson perform her own writings about her own life on the stage in Hello Beautiful? What is it to see a playwright write their life in snippets laced with […]

November 27

Virgins and Cowboys – Lisa chats with Morgan Rose and Dave Selswick (Theatre Interview)

Virgins and Cowboys is showing at The Stables theatre 30 November to 16 December. You can grab your tickets here. For Louis Althusser, questions of thought had to do with battles, frontlines and the  balance of power. Meditation and withdrawal be damned, it was intervention that sparked revolution, ideas and intelectual movement. Politically speaking, success […]

November 04

Merciless Gods – Drama that unifies in the dark. (Theatre Review)

Merciless Gods Griffin Theatre in collaboration with Little One’s Theatre 1 – 25 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Sarah Walker It has been noted that the poem must be given to the mute, to the stutterer, to the stranger, rather than to the chatterbox, to the grammarian or to the nationalist. Equally […]

September 14

Diving for Pearls – Katherine Thomson and the false free. (Theatre Review)

Diving for Pearls 8 September to 28 October 2017 SBW Stables Theatre, produced by Griffin Theatre Company You can grab your tickets here What is it precisely that Barbra wants? When we witness Katherine Thomson’s great play, Diving For Pearls, the shocking truth of Barbara is exposed and we realise there is no need to […]

August 23

Rice – Of Knowledge and Mothers. (Theatre review)

Rice Griffin Theare Company 21 July – 26 August You can grab your tickets here Images: Brett Boardman “Women indeed are human beings, but they are of a lower state than men and can never attain to full equality with them.” Confucius “I should like to remind the women present here that no group, no community, […]