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December 13

American Hustle – David O’Russell exceesds expectations. (Film Review)

It’s difficult to pin down what is particularly brilliant about American Hustle, except to say that the layers will be revealed in greater depth in future years; it is one of the most perfectly cast films you will ever see; and it stems largely from a transformation of a certain genre it seeks to subvert […]

May 06

Pusher Three: I am the Angel of Death – Nicolas Winding Refn completes his ode to Goodfellas. (Film Review)

In 1990 Martin Scorsese  speaking about the making of Goodfellas, said he wanted to show the glamour of the gangster lifestyle in order to explain why people are attracted to it.  Around the same time Lorraine Bracco said in an interview that she felt she had to make her role powerful because the set was so male dominated she feared […]

April 27

Pusher – A young director leaves the womb. (Film Review)

Nicholas Winding Refn is an excellent director.  However, he made Pusher when he was twenty-four and, considering he comes from strong film family stock, I would have to say his lack of maturity shows. There are some writing problems and it seems almost every scene has been pulled from The Battle of Algiers, which Winding […]