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June 28

Shopping and Fucking – Mark Ravenhill is facelifted by Alan Chambers. (Theatre Review)

Mark Ravenhill’s Shopping and Fucking has often been criticized for its lack of subtlety, which is odd, given the title alone should inform you subtlety is not an aim of the writer. It was written in 1996 and considering its subject matter, I’d place it more at a cross section between Mike Leighs film Naked […]

February 13

Ma Mere – Christophe Honoré and Bataille on the silver screen. (film review)

I love Bataille for many reasons but one of the biggest is his ability to circle around the beautiful and the ugly as if each can be interchanged in a perpetual whirlpool or vortex slung over our base desires. When Christophe Honoré decided to make a film of Batailles unfinished novel published posthumously, he took […]

That Obscure Object of Desire – Luis Buñuel and the universality of desire.

In his essay The Object of Desire and the Totality of the Real, Georges Bataille speaks to the unrelenting nature of passion and its precarious relationship to the intellect.  In reality, what fascinates in this way speaks to passion but has nothing to say to the intellect. Thus it appears, in many cases, that the latter […]