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February 18

Three Kings – David O. Russell’s anti-anti-war film. (Film Review)

Continuing with the ideas that so evidently interested David O. Russell in his first two films, he moves into his third with an altogether different take on the theory and idea of the Lacanian Big Other, although still retaining it as an important motivator. Three Kings is based on a script written earlier by comedian John Ridley, […]

February 07

The Decendants – The end of the unpleasant man and the start of the unpleasant film. (Film Review)

It’s eleven yeas later in 2011, and we haven’t seen a new Payne film, and this absence of a much-loved film maker might account for the disproportionate worship The Descendants received when it finally hit the screens; immediately obvious is the absence of Jim Taylor who, we can now safely contend, was primarily responsible for […]

December 01

Gravity – Alfonso Cuarón retells Kubric and Tarkovsky in a feminist reading. (Film Review)

Ryan, you’re going to have to let go. I want to hear you say you’re going to make it. At the risk of being unpopular (and who cares about being popular right?) I’m going to perform a completely feminist reading of Gravity, because it does justice to the film maker, so if the ‘F’ word […]

The Ides of March: Bit of a yawn really.

The Ides of March is a film full of ‘good moments’ and that is about the best you can say of it. It’s an old story / message – one we all know and suspect Clooney of harbouring. That is politics is tired and cynical itself; driven by a lust for the win rather than […]