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September 05

Murder on the Nile – Nannette Frew, The Genesian Theatre and the genius of Agatha Christie. (Theatre review)

If Agatha Christie were a man, she would be considered the kind of genius no female could ever aspire to. She is the best-selling novelist of all time, and her books have sold roughly four billion copies.  After Shakespeare and The Bible, her books rank as the most published in history. She is the most […]

July 28

Dangerous Corner – Peter Lavelle brings JB Priestly into the future. (Theatre Review)

The key to J.B. Priestly’s Dangerous Corner lies not in its narrative or its very interesting and convoluted plot, but in the opening and closing scenes of the play.  Time here is crucial to the plots development; Priestly made a series of ‘time plays’ and Dangerous Corner is one of them.  However, time is also […]