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March 31

Enright on the Night – Theatre as embodied histories. (Theatre Review)

Enright on the Night The Genesian Theratre 23 March – 13 April. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Grant Fraser Theatre is necessarily transitory and ephemeral. Something of theatre is preserved in text and type, but reviews, programs and published plays can never properly portray the experience of attendance. In this, theatre (and live […]

March 07

The Picture of Dorian Gray -Wilde’s message reimagined. (Theatre Review)

The Picture of Dorian Gray Genesian Theatre from 16 Feb through to 19 March You can grab your tickets here In 1890 when Oscar Wilde wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray it was only four years after Nietzsche wrote Beyond Good and Evil, the scandalous text that criticised philosophers, poets writers and moralists of not […]

April 13

Simpson, J 202 – Genesian Theatre and the ANZAC spirit. (Theatre review)

Simpson, J. 202 Genesian Theatre 11 April – 2 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Grant Fraser John jack Simpson Kirkpatrick is an intriguing fellow. Posthumously used rather shamelessly as a propaganda story, the real human story, the man behind the myth is, as to be expected, much more interesting than all […]

November 08

Amadeus – Genesian Theatre, Envy, Jealousy and Disbelief. (Theatre review)

Amadeus Genesian Theatre October 25 to November 29 2014 – You can grab your tickets here. Is there any greater mental curse than living with the juxtaposition of reaching for a genius you know alludes you and competing against an Other who reaches that genius with ease? The thing most creators who harbour a desire […]

September 15

Spiders Web – Genesian Theatre and cheery misunderstandings. (Theatre Review)

Spider Web The Genesian Theatre 30 August to 11 October – You can grab your tickets here. When Agatha Christie wrote Spiders Web, is was to satisfy the artistic desires of Margaret Lockwood who wanted to appear in a West End play in a role specifically written for her. Over lunch, the famous actress stretched […]

July 14

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure – Genesian Theatre plays a legend. (Theatre Review)

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure Genesian Theatre 5th July to 9 August You can grab your tickets here.  Steven Dietz is almost as well-known for his adaptations of earlier works as he is for his very many original plays. He is one of the most performed playwrights in the United States and has an uncanny […]

April 30

Pride and Prejudice – Genesian Theatre gives us some deep Austen love. (Theatre Review)

  I love Pride and Prejudice, which I know, singles me out as completely ordinary among white western women. It’s a novel I read at least once a year, because by golly the woman can write. I’m not one of these who subscribes to the notion she wrote the first “romcom”  – which is nonsense […]

March 13

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Genesian Theatre electrifies the brilliant novel. (Theatre review)

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Genesian Theatre 7 March – 12 April. Tickets available here. Photograph credits to Mark Banks There has been much talk of Frankenstein lately. A new screen production, and the Ensemble theatre bringing its stage play version to life in 2013. Now, timed perfectly to offer an intelligent alternative to the latest film […]

January 22

Hotel Sorrento – Hannie Ryson and Genesian Theatre examine the Cultural Cringe. (Theatre Review)

Hotel Sorrento Genesian Theatre 18 January through to 22 February Buy tickets through the Genesian Theatre Website.      “The problem with loyalty is that you can keep on and on, living a lie. And you don’t even know you’re doing it.” Australia is not the only post-colonial country to suffer from the cultural cringe, […]

November 04

Daisy Pulls It Off – Genesian Theatre remembers Angela Brazil. (Theatre Review)

It’s easy to forget, all these (feminist) years later how important to girls and to literature in general Angela Brazil was. Denise Deegan, a play write in her sixties (today) would have been conscious of the impending death of the british school girl books as a genre, and surely this influences her decision to write […]