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July 27

Bessons women who kick ass – Leon The professional (Film Review)

It is typical of a ill-informed critic audience to miss the primary point of Luc Besson’s breakout bildungsroman that centres around a female protagonist coming of age story, but Leon: The Professional is so exceptionally well cast that fortunately the cast never miss Bessons point – either that or Besson has a talent for choosing an […]

August 20

Paranoia – Robert Luketic and The not-so-Firm remake. (film review)

I’m going to be adding my voice to the heard here. Like Paranoia itself, there isn’t much that is original that I can add to the already well-worn list of complaints, except that if you are going to make a high-tech thriller about the future of the telecommunications age, you should have at least come […]

Lawless: Nick Cave and American violence.

I wrote an article at the start of this blog entitled: Why I love Miller and hate Hemingway, or how I pick and choose my misogynists, and I confess it’s in the spirit of what I talked about there that I have to enter this review of Lawless. I’m not 100% sure why I love […]

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Tomas Alfredson does the 1970’s with understated flair

I almost didn’t see this film. I have a bunch of freebies at the moment, and to collect on this one I couldn’t go local – which for me meant leaving my bohemian nest and that is not something I enjoy doing. However, a trip to Sydney harbour to see a film so many people […]