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April 20

The Best Brothers – Language as the vehicle for the unsayable. (Theatre Review)

The Best Brothers Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street 13 – 30 April 2016. You can grab your tickets here. It was Wittgenstein who gave us the idea that a seemingly rash run of gibberish may be philosophically illuminating. More than this, seeing language used in a context, and understanding that context matters, may lead […]

November 20

Dot Dot Dot – Fresh Sydney writing tells a tale that’s old and new. (Theatre review)

Dot dot dot The Old 505 Theatre in its new digs at 5 Eliza st Newtown Until 28 November. You can grab your tickets here. Pop culture may be venerated today, acknowledged by writers such as David Foster Wallace and given credence via cult status, but it is worth remembering the tabloid newspapers birth coincides […]

April 19

Seeing Unseen – The greatest secrets hidden in the most unlikely places. (Theatre Review)

Seeing Unseen 505 Theatre, 8 – 26 April You can grab your tickets here. The impact of technology on our lives is a theme that contemporary theatre has been grappling with. It’s difficult to describe the nature of the disjointedness we all experience in technology as it is coupled with a peculiar freedom we enjoy […]

July 21

The Twelfth Dawn – Time, Pain and insomnia from the 505 Theatre founders. (Theatre Review)

One of the most devastating moments in the Iliad is Priam’s distress at the death of his son, Hector.  Between the moment of death and the eventual burial Priam lives in a kind of tormented hell that was so deep and troubled, it aroused the sympathies of the gods. The abuse of Hector’s body was […]