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January 05

The Vanishing Point of Desire – Vi Khi Nao: Eroticism at its most intimate. (book review)

The opium pipe of ink runs through the river of your breath. You inhale. I exhale. A trail of reddish brown, the drug, unravels the air.  I am still outside the corridor. Time, the Gentleman, still inspects the palimpsest of desire. He takes his time. He looks carefully at the torn pages. The slit. The […]

December 12

Ben Brooks and The Kasahara School of Nihilism – Youth for youth’s sake. (book review)

How is it possible to read the work of the unashamedly young when you have left that club and are happy to have done so? When reading Ben Brooks I had the sense that another young man was calling for attention.  Not mine. Not the attention of the generations that have gone before – except […]

November 14

Pith and Amber – the watery words of Carah A. Naseem (Book review)

I’m not even sure what compelled me to purchase Pith and Amber. Perhaps I was entranced by the idea of the beautiful cover?  I wanted to read some books from Fugue State Press who publish beautiful works of experimental fiction, and for some reason I purchased this book. The first thing that strikes me when […]