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November 12

“The Master” review – Paul Thomas Anderson and the Death-Drive

One of the best ways to avert a certain kind of controversy is by allowing another kind to take its place. In other words, when you are going to write a controversial book, film or piece of music, if you want to avoid the controversy, overlap it with another controversy that will divert critics and […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 4. Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien. (pt Three)

This is a post based on Slavoj Zizek’s little booklet How to read Lacan. For the previous post to this one, go here. For the first in the series, go here. Zizek goes on to cite some beautiful passages of Shakespeare to describe what he means here by Lacan’s “real”.  He also cites an example from […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 4. Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien. (pt One)

This is a follow on post from a previous one that you can read here. This chapter in the book is large, so I have divided it up into two separate posts. It is important to note, that this is not my own work. This is merely a condensing and simplifying of  How to Read Lacan […]

Luis Bunuel: The Phantom of Liberty – A review

I had the sublime pleasure of watching The Phantom of Liberty on the weekend, Luis Bunuel’s second last film and the one he felt best summed up all he was trying to say as a film maker. Surrealism is an older concept now. Freudians (or Lacanians rather)  have moved past the idea of the latent […]

Melancholia: An exquisite chicks flick.

I saw Melancholia on the weekend. The reviews are mixed about this film. I enjoyed reading them (sort of – as usual some are better than others) but there DID seem to be a male female divide among them. Many male reviewers really hated the film (yawn) and many female reviewers really loved the film – citing […]

Feelings and why you may not have any.

I have been in therapy lately, and this is the world’s worst kept secret. Ok… not only lately. I’m one of those people who needed a fair bit of analysis in my life. (I just wrote lie for life – the recognition of Freudian slips is one of the disagreeable side effects of too much […]

La Strada: A tale trapped between earth and sky

It’s difficult to watch La Strada. What do you say about a film that has been talked about endlessly and a director who is worshipped endlessly? It’s hard to rise above the ocean of feeling pulsing through the stream in which one swims. I can’t help being a woman in 2011, aware of the masculine […]