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January 15

Hampton Grease Band – Music to Eat: Insanity as music. (Music Review)

Music to Eat is the only ever band produced by the great avant rock band, Hampton Grease Band.  Released in 1971, this double album is said to the the second lowest selling album in Columbia’s history, only outdone for lowest place by a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi yoga instructional record.  Shocking I know, but the band […]

Eiliff – Eiliff (1971): Fuse into a little jazz fusion

Formed in the late 60’s by Rainer Brüninghaus, Houschäng Nejadepour, Detlev Landmann, Herbert J. Kalveram and Bill Brown, EILIFF were a German instrumental band who turned fusion on its head with a pair of studio albums featuring classy Canterbury-style jamming with bass, guitar and keyboards plus some ethnic instruments thrown in (mostly the sitar). Two […]

Brainstorm – Smile a while! Add a little Jazz fusion to your day.

  So, this is a nice and snazzy little number to start your weekend with. Sure, its Jazz fusion, but it adds some Prog with a dash of Zappa for spice. We start this album with the gettin-ready-to-hit-the-town fun of Das Schwein Trugt (above), and then track two  Zwick Zwick eases us into the rest of the […]