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April 18

Appropriation – Containment of power in narrative. (Theatre Review)

Appropriation Fledgling Theatre Company Studio Blueprint, 17-27 April. You can grab your tickets here. For Paul Gilchrist, the revelation of an ego-doped Fortinbras (Nick O’Regan) chaotically crushing his way to claim the throne bequeathed by Hamlet lends itself to an examination of power as wielded by a white guy. Because this exists as a precursor […]

April 16

Appropriation: Lisa chats with Paul Gilchrist (Theatre Interview)

Appropriation Fledgling Theatre Company Wed 17 April to Wed 24 April. You can grab your tickets here. One of the more exciting theatre events this month is Fledgling Theatre Companies new Australian work Appropriation written by Paul Gilchrist. Heavily engaged with the promotion and exploration of local works, Paul and his theatre company Subtlenuance have […]

August 27

Modern Jesus – Christopher Neels and Hegel’s destructive reason. (Theatre Review)

Modern Jesus Fledging Theatre Company and The Depot Theatre 23 August – 2 September 2017 You can grab your tickets through Depot Theatre here or Tickets Tonight here. Imagery: Liam O’Keefe The correlational dichotomy between words and deeds is an ancient theoretical problem as old as history itself. It was thought that Alexander the Great decided […]