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March 16

Destroy, She Said – Marguerite Duras and the radical power of subversion. (fiction review)

You’re all remarkably interested in her,’ says Bernard Alione. ‘Yes.’ ‘Might one inquire why?’ – his voice is stronger again. ‘Literary reasons,’ says Stein, laughing. He goes on laughing. Alissa watches him, enchanted. ‘So my wife’s a character in a novel?’ says Bernard Alione. He sneers. But his voice is still strained in spite of […]

January 05

The Vanishing Point of Desire – Vi Khi Nao: Eroticism at its most intimate. (book review)

The opium pipe of ink runs through the river of your breath. You inhale. I exhale. A trail of reddish brown, the drug, unravels the air.  I am still outside the corridor. Time, the Gentleman, still inspects the palimpsest of desire. He takes his time. He looks carefully at the torn pages. The slit. The […]

Announcing changes to the Lisa Thatcher Blog

Good morning my lovely readers. This is a post to let you know there will be some changes to the blog from today forward. I want to thank everyone for your encouraging readership. In terms of daily hit statistics and people signing up, the blog has been a great success in my little world.  Many […]

Short Story Collection Preview: Stack. Lisa’s Fiction.

I have a book of short stories coming out in the next couple of weeks.  With the permisson of the publisher, here is one of the short stories from that collection for your reading pleasure. When the colleciton is available, it will be advertisied here on my blog. Enjoy. The Outsider Inside It’s the cracks […]