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March 20

Warm Moonlight – Joseph Wurtenbaugh spins a tale of the supernatural. (fiction review)

Warm Moonlight is a nice little novella – or rather a longish short story – that I found on Amazon in one of my rare moments of strolling around on that site.¬†Joseph Wurtenbaugh writes under several names, as far as I can tell from his Amazon bio, ¬†and has several stories and novellas gathered together […]

March 16

Destroy, She Said – Marguerite Duras and the radical power of subversion. (fiction review)

You’re all remarkably interested in her,’ says Bernard Alione. ‘Yes.’ ‘Might one inquire why?’ – his voice is stronger again. ‘Literary reasons,’ says Stein, laughing. He goes on laughing. Alissa watches him, enchanted. ‘So my wife’s a character in a novel?’ says Bernard Alione. He sneers. But his voice is still strained in spite of […]