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January 11

My Name Is Jimi – Subtle poking at a white anxiety. (Theatre Review)

My Name is Jimi Belvoir Theatre 15 – 21 January. You can grab your tickets here. Theatre is, grammatically, what makes us see. Rather, the theatre is that which exposes what is usually hidden. Theatre makes visible the invisible. In this sense, the representation of culture from the kwod of Wagadagam by Jimi Bani exposes […]

January 10

Ladies In Black – Language reveals its creative beauty and stylish prison. (Theatre review)

“A clever girl is the most wonderful thing in Creation you know; you must never forget that. People expect men to be clever. They expect girls to be stupid or at least silly, which very few girls really are, but most girls oblige them by acting like it. So you just go away and be […]