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Love is Colder than Death – Fassbinder starts out with a bang.

The above scene gives a strong indication of the power of Fassbinders full length feature, Love is Colder than Death.  I felt this was a wonderful debut although I have read it got him little love at the time. He was seen as an arrogant upstart – which, lets face it, he probably was – […]

Fox and his Friends – Fassbinder on sex

Well!  What an interesting film! I completed Fox and his Friends on the weekend – I’m on a bit of a Fassbinder ‘thing’ at the moment, having ADORED Beware of a Holy Whore a few weeks back. This film is a little more difficult to dissect, even though Beware of a Holy Whore is a […]

Beware of a holy whore: Fassbinders take on film

I really really enjoyed this film! in researching Fassbinder, I have read that he was heavily influenced by Jean-Luc Godard and I can only assume that to be the case, because Godard is all over this fantastic film – however Fassbinder has the smarts and the eye to take Godard just that little further. In […]

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant – Fassbinder and the art of woman

“He stank like a man. The way men stink. What had once had its charms now turned my stomach and brought tears to my eyes.” The further along my Fassbinder journey I travel, the more pleased I find myself with his films. The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant is another fine fine film from […]