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January 12

The NOW now 2014 – Group Show launch (Festival Review)

If 2013 told us anything about experimental music, it is that it is getting more and more difficult to pin modalities and ‘completed’ product down, according to fashion, region or technology. If 2013 saw the rise of text as a movement that is simultaneously a step closer and further away from the sound, it also […]

January 05

The NOW now festival – A Festival of Exploratory / Spontaneous / Experimental / Improvised / Outsider / Other Musics.

January is always a busy time for Sydney-siders with our festival on and all, but this year I’ve decided to stick to the lesser known realms (even though Nick – i am madly in love with you – Cave is in town) and check out some art projects and such. I’ll be attending the Now Now festival – […]

Creel Pone #3 : Journey through sound

This article is a continuation from the previous Creel Pone review. At the heart of my current journey through the most interesting music in the world, is the Creel Pone label. I have almost 100 downloads that I work my way through patiently, properly absorbing each and every one. The result is a breathtaking immersion into […]

A Rainbow in Curved Air: An overdubbed virtuoso.

A Rainbow in Curved Air is the third album by experimental music and classical minimalism pioneer Terry Riley. Through the use of overdubbing, the composer, a keyboard virtuoso, plays all the instruments on the title track: electric organ, electric harpsichord (Rock-Si-Chord), dumbec (or goblet drum), and tambourine. The work begins with a simple minimalist drone but quickly erupts in exciting rapid-fire figurations far removed from typical […]