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August 24

Boyhood – Richard Linklater over 12 years. (Sydney Film Festival 2014 Review)

Boyhood is showing at The Sydney Film Festival 2014 – you can purchase tickets here.   The biggest miracle, and there are many to be had, in Richard Linklater’s epic twelve years in the making two and a half hour long bildungsroman Boyhood, is the understated execution of the project released with minimalism and a […]

May 10

Broken English – Zoe Cassavetes and the conversation we all avoid. (Film Review)

The radical tension that underlies the romance genre is a kind of post modern reflexive in reverse. Where works, I’m thinking here mostly of books and films, seek to include an awareness of self in a clever catchall fashion, romance as a genre has the opposite problem of self-awareness; that is it is self-conscious in […]

February 11

Great Expectations – Alfonso Cuarón and the horrible mistake. (Film Review)

The story of Alfonso Cuarón’s adaptation of Great Expectations has become, after sixteen years and many exciting films, a perpetual essay in what went horribly wrong with this film. Cuarón defenders group together to lay ‘blame’ at the feet of Mitch Grazer, who to be fair had only the Dickens adaptation credits of Scrooged  ten years earlier […]

July 04

Before Midnight – Three writers and one of the best couples in cinema. (SFF Film Review)

Almost impossibly against the odds, Before Midnight is as good, if not better than its predecessors.  Linklater made the clever move of including Delpy and Hawke in on the collaboration for Before Sunset and this move has provided us with one of the most endearing couples in cinema history. Much has been said about July […]