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February 26

Christian Wolf / Keith Rowe – together again, Erstlive 010 (music review)

PSF: You once said ‘it would be better to get rid of all of that–melody, rhythm, harmony, etc..’ What did you mean by that? Christian Wolf:  That was from that early period again. We imagined, though you never do it completely, that we were starting with a completely clean slate. We were trying to think […]

January 01

aso – Ami Yoshida and Christof Kurzmann mirror the mirrors mirror. (music review)

Although I have never reviewed her on this blog before, I happen to be deeply fond of the music of Ami Yoshida. aso is one of the reasons for this fondness. I’ve had the disc here for a while now… almost a year…  and I confess to digging it out regularly. However writing about this […]

Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto – 2 seconds / b minor / wave

The explorations in 2 seconds / b minor / wave by Miachel Pisaro and Taku Sugimoto are mini journeys into the concepts “pulse” “pitch” and “wave” and what each of these might mean to the other and to the receptive audience – the ideal audience – in the final accumulation of sounds presented. By making […]

Hearing Metal 1 – Michael Pisaro connects with the Source

In the notes that accompany the first of the Hearing Metal series by Michael Pisaro, the claim is made that the work is one of intense collaboration between composer and performer. Pisaro writes: The piece evolved as Greg made test recordings based on my suggestions and then sent them to me. AS it happened we […]

Like Falling out of Trees into Collectors Albums – Patrick Farmer and the field.

“With no small case of uncertainty or elation, in equal measures all pertaining to all that they pertain, I attached microphones to the bamboo, recorded, stepped backwards, a number of everything’s occurring, in apparent nothings. The opening recording, a peculiarity of sole spontaneity. Though how far spontaneity stretches when recording equipment is ensconced in the […]

Air Supply – Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet go deeper into the realm of the Breadwinner.

I recently reviewed The Breadwinner by Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet on this blog. That disc and its followup, Air Supply, are not recent releases although they are both available at Erstwhile Records still. However, the contribution to the ongoing musical conversation they make is valuable, and back in 2010, Air Supply was a disc that made it into most “best” […]

Green just as I could see – Andrea Neumann and Bonnie Jones provoke our symbolist “face”.

The Appeal to the other made on Bonnie Jones’ web page regarding the task of listening to her work (she describes it almost as a kind of sound poetry which I liked a great deal) is one of collaboration. As is often the case with music of this nature, the listener and what they bring […]

Sannakji – Roberto Mallo, Miguel Prado, Ryu Hankil: subject subverted to sound.

In the lovely notes to this amazing cd on the TMTG website the following is related: In his first days in spain we recorded with Ryu two improvised pieces. His sounds of mechanical bumps were well known to us, but he did not know our way of working. Taking advantage of these circumstances, and being […]

Jin Sangtae – Sacrifice 2 : Sounds stretched to a parallel sequence in me.

I first read about this great little disc on Matthew Revert’s blog, Trash Complex. The review had me compelled so I ordered the disc from Erstwhile immediately. In the act of listening to everyday objects, slowly one is able to transform the relationship from a ‘glob-of-object’ into a complex system within itself, a series of […]

The Breadwinner – Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet make art out of the everyday.

A regal soul, inadvertently surrendering to the crab of lust, the octopus of weakmindedness, the shark of individual abjection, the boa of absent morality, and the monstrous snail of idiocracy! Lautreamont, Les Chants de Maldoror The Breadwinner musical settings for common environments and domestic situations I did a review on here around Christmas time of […]