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June 09

This Ain’t no Mouse Music – Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling remind us things need to be captured or they will be lost. (Sydney FF Film Review)

This Ain’t no Mouse Music was shown at the Sydney Film Festival but has now completed its run there. There are those who consider the “capturing” of art to be a bourgeois form of colonization.  Music, stories, art works and even to a lesser extent film and photography, are deeply personal creative responses that belong […]

June 02

Algorithms – Ian McDonald reminds us, four moves in we are all blind. (Sydney Film Festival review)

Algorithms is currently screening at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can grab your tickets here. Quite by accident, this is the second film I have watched about chess in the 2013 Film Festival. The first I saw, called Computer Chess, is a fictional film set up to look like a documentary on the 1980’s and […]

May 28

Computer Chess – Andrew Bujalski reminds us that Computers used to be exciting. (Sydney FF Film Review)

Computer Chess is currently playing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can grab your tickets here. Surely one of the most intensely disappointing aspects of the digital age is capitalism’s ability to domesticate it. It seems quaint now, but when we were first faced with the rapid expansion of computer technology and its mind-boggling abilities […]

May 23

The Hangover 3 – What’s not to love? (film review)

I saw The Hangover part three earlier this week.  I took a demographically appropriate eighteen year old white male along with me, and he laughed all the way through, as did all the people around me, and claimed the film to be an almighty success by the end. As for me, I laughed also and for […]

May 17

Sping Breakers – Harmony Korine goes wild. (film review)

I knew as soon as I saw the trailer, I was going to love Spring Breakers. Spring Breakers is biting social satire. Those who regularly attend the real spring break would be hugely offended if they understood or even recognized subtle (or not so subtle) irony, but fortunately (as Harmony Korine seems to think) those people don’t exist. The […]

May 14

The Perverts Guide to Cinema – Slavoj Žižek and the reality of cinematic fiction. (film review)

(This is a review of Sophie Fiennes film The Perverts Guide to Cinema. The follow up to this film, The Perverts Guide to Ideology will be shown at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can grab your tickets here. ) I don’t know about you, but for me the most interesting thing about cinema both past […]

May 14

A Butcher of Distinction – James Dalton directs Rob Hayes’ question of violence ‘out there’ or ‘in here’. (Theatre Review)

From the opening sentence in A Butcher of Distinction, instantly recognizable is the costumes worn by Liam Nunan and Heath Ivey-Law in their roles as Hugo and Hartley.  The boys wear all white-preppy-private-school-sports-day type clothing that instantly evoke Peter and Paul of Funny Games who themselves carried the specter of Alex of A Clockwork Orange […]

April 26

Tabu – Miguel Gomes and the endless beauty of cinema. (film review)

Just when you lose faith in a fresh face ever being planted on a post-colonial tale, along comes Tabu with a face so fresh I was even able to forgive the not-so-blatant mocking of my beloved European 60’s cinema.  Tabu  doesn’t brandish its cleverness, something exceedingly rare in cinema,  therefore it throbs with those stunning […]

April 09

First Position – Bess Kargman and the complicated world of child dancers. (film review)

Documentaries and film have a complex relationship – but then anything that wants to be associated with a representation of “the truth” has an equally tough time. Film, as we have explored many times on this blog is a manipulation medium and therefore statements have to be rich and complex if they are to avoid […]

March 26

The Credeaux Canvas – Sure Foot Productions does Keith Bunin. (theatre review)

In an interview for AIMbitious TV, Keith Bunin talks about solving the “problem” of writing and also asserts that deep engagement with this process is the role of art in general. For Bunin, his writing is involved with the problems we face and the pain we cause when we are trying to love each other. […]