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September 16

Pizzica Indiavolata – Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and the cure for what ails you. (Music Review)

I’ve been getting into Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino recently, a folk band from Italy, right down the bottom in the Puglia region, the part that forms the heel of the boot.  The region has a history of Hellenistic influence, and you can hear the Greek ancestry in Pizzica Indiavolata, as well as in their earlier albums. […]

September 15

Lady Nerd – Keira Daley and female nerds through time. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

The enormously talented Keira Daley and her super-support dude Mark Chamberlain have a new show at the Sydney Fringe this week called Keira Daley v’s the 90’s which promises to be as witty as her Lady Nerd show.  I’m reviewing it later this week, but by way of warm up for this show, in a […]

September 12

John Dies at the End – Don Coscarelli takes on David Wong. (Sydney Underground Film Festival Review)

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “That if Franz Kafka was here his head would explode?” “Actually, yeah.” It’s difficult to discuss a film like John Dies At The End without having read the book, seeing as the book is a kind of mash-up parody of so many disparate influences, having its own cult following. […]

September 07

Magic Magic – The Psychological thrill ride of Sebastián Silva. (Sydney Underground Film Festival Review)

Magic Magic is showing at the Sydney Underground Film Festival. You can grab tickets here. I think the idea to cast Michael Cera as the villain in a psychological thriller might be one of the most inspired casting choices I’ve ever seen. Cera has one of those odd ball persona that makes you laugh (sure) […]

September 05

Murder on the Nile – Nannette Frew, The Genesian Theatre and the genius of Agatha Christie. (Theatre review)

If Agatha Christie were a man, she would be considered the kind of genius no female could ever aspire to. She is the best-selling novelist of all time, and her books have sold roughly four billion copies.  After Shakespeare and The Bible, her books rank as the most published in history. She is the most […]

August 26

Michael Haneke and Benny’s Video 20 years on. (film review)

“My films are intended as polemical statements against the American ‘barrel down’ cinema and its dis-empowerment of the spectator. They are an appeal for a cinema of insistent questions instead of false (because too quick) answers, for clarifying distance in place of violating closeness, for provocation and dialogue instead of consumption and consensus.” — From […]

August 08

Now You See Me – Louis Leterrier and the magic of magic. (film review)

Do sleight of hand and cinema actually mix?  This is the central question for Louis Leterrier, who has made a film that he describes as ‘an ode to magic.’ Using existing magic tricks and making them ‘super big’ or introducing new magic tricks, Leterrier does manage to capture the glamour of large scale modern magic […]

June 24

The Unlikely Maestro – Australian’s win the 2013 Tropfest in New York Competition

Have a look at this lovely film. Tristan Klein and Nick Baker are $20,000 richer today and are looking forward to a “week of meetings’ with notable executives and producers in Los Angeles, courtesy of the Motion Picture Association” – which is part of the prize. In front of a New York audience of more […]

June 22

Body Language – Luke Holmes and the problems of connection. (Theatre Review)

All writers (and almost all creatives) need their influence.  Satre’s criticism (and Lacan’s) of the ’empty gestures’ associated with appropriating a kind of persona in order to achieve is warranted, but one of the pains of creation turns out to be, the need for this appropriating on the journey to finding the elusive voice. What […]

June 18

Sydney Film Festival Round up – 60 film filled years!

At the suggestion of my good friend Chris over at moviesandsongs365, I thought I’d give a small closing post regarding my Sydney Film Festival experience. I still have reviews to post – a few feature films, the Paradise trilogy, and I’d like to say something about the high quality short films that I saw – […]