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May 09

Folk – Folk music as collaborative artistry. (Theatre Review)

Folk Ensemble Theatre 3 May – 1 June. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Phil Erbacher Using a framework of modern-day Kitchen Sink Realism, Folk has the ability to take a simple tale and stack it by remaining true to those it seeks to represent. On the surface we have three misfits bonded by […]

March 27

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race – Melanie Tait and good old fashioned fun. (Theatre Review)

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race Ensemble Theatre 22 March – 27 April You can grab your tickets here. Images: Phil Erbacher Feel good, feel good! That is what you get with The Appleton Ladies Potato Race, in abundance. A lighthearted, joyful romp through an essentially romanticized vision of small-town rural Australia that plays heavily into […]

June 20

Marjorie Prime – A short circuit between memory and imagination. (Theatre Review)

Marjorie Prime Ensemble Theatre 15 June – 21 July You can grab your tickets here. Images: Lisa Tomasetti. “The Memory” has befuddled scientists and philosophers and continues to do so today. Generally, it is accepted that the representation of the past seems to appear to be that of an image. We say interchangeably when we represent […]

January 13

Sorting Out Rachel – Lisa Chats with David Williamson (Theatre Interview)

  Sorting Out Rachael is at the Ensemble Theatre from 19 January to 17 March. You can grab your tickets here. My personal history with David Williamson’s plays have been chequered. As a young student of literature I was a passionate fan, taking great delight in his portrayal of all things Australian, grateful for his wit […]

October 20

The Kitchen Sink – the hot and cold of kitchen sink realism. (Theatre Review)

The Kitchen Sink Ensemble Theatre 14 October – 18 November. You can grab your tickets here.  Images:  Prudence Upton The only possibility of hope in the relentlessly difficult world of playwright Tom Wells protagonist family comes through the children, which is an optimism that goes decidedly against the social realist concepts of the kitchen sink realist […]

October 12

Buyer and Cellar – the superficial wrestles the real in the ego state. (Theatre Review)

Buyer and Cellar Ensemble Theatre 6 October – 12 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Prudence Upton When Jonathan Tolins places Alex More at the bottom of the stairs in Barbra Streisand’s basement, a complex situation comedy occurs between a gay man and his alter ego – the representational Diva. Alex reminds us, […]

August 24

Lip Service – Helena Rubenstien and the principles of feminism. (Theatre Review)

Lip Service Ensemble Theatre, 17 August – 30 September You can grab your tickets here. Images: Prudence Upton Freud is evoked many times in Lip Service. John Misto appropriately calls forth the common problem women of Helena Rubenstein’s day suffered in their efforts to emancipate in the shadow of the great narrator. While Freud was battling […]

December 09

Relatively Speaking – Speaking with each other, relatively. (Theatre review)

Relatively Speaking The Ensemble Theatre, 18 November to 14 January You can grab your tickets here Images: With its shades of Wilde’s Importance of being Earnest, Alan Ayckbourn manages to avoid the social timing of his 1965 play taking precedence over the verbal acrobatics, which marks his play as different from its inspiration. There is […]