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February 11

Great Expectations – Alfonso Cuarón and the horrible mistake. (Film Review)

The story of Alfonso Cuarón’s adaptation of Great Expectations has become, after sixteen years and many exciting films, a perpetual essay in what went horribly wrong with this film. Cuarón defenders group together to lay ‘blame’ at the feet of Mitch Grazer, who to be fair had only the Dickens adaptation credits of Scrooged  ten years earlier […]

February 10

A little Princess – Alfonso Cuarón steps out into a magical world of green. (Film Review)

Without having seen Alfonso Cuarón’s  Sólo Con Tu Pareja (Only with your Partner), I’m forced to begin my journey through his films with A Little Princess. It’s a shame (I just haven’t been able to get my hands on the film yet) because  Sólo Con Tu Pareja is important in the green period, plus its the film […]