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March 25

Fierce – The truly sublime Real of football. (Theatre Review)

Fierce The Old Fitz Theare March 20 to April 13. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley In her notes on the play, writer Jane e Thompson tells us that she asked herself a question: “What would happen if a woman was good enough to compete against men at the highest level in […]

May 18

The house of Ramon Iglesia – Subtle, poignant beauty at the old Fitz. (Theatre review)

The House of Ramon Iglesia Mophead Productions at The old Fitz Theatre 12 May to 6 June You can grab your tickets here. The House of Ramon Iglesia has many poignant moments, but particularly affecting is a scene when, drunk and devastated at a swindle because of his own ignorance, Ramon falls in the streets on […]