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January 24

Thalia – Roger Doyle bent on the road to brilliance. (Music Review)

Roger Doyle is an Irish composer best known for his electro-acoustic work and for his piano music for theater. He was born in Malahide, County Dublin in 1949. Doyle began as a drummer with Supply Demand and Curve and Jazz Therapy playing free-improv and fusion music. He composed the album Rapid Eye Movements including the […]

January 05

Iatrogenics – Various artists and an overwhelming optimism. (music review)

… and thanks to fantabulous internet land, I recently received this email: Hi Lisa I saw your kind and generous review of” Iatrogenics” from EDCC  which I was hoping would have been long forgotten by now but apparently, it has come back to haunt me.  My name is Scott Knol and that is me on […]

Alex White – Genuine Instability: Intensity pushed to the edge

Justice Yeldham @ Alex White’s ‘Genuine Instability’ album launch (AVANT WHATEVER), Serial Space 18.02.11 from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo. Alex White is a laptop musician from my hometown, Sydney Australia.  This is a true noise musician in the electronic style, taking pure sound and attempting to order it into some vague coherency we can […]

László Dubrovay – “A² “/ Oscillations Nos. 1-3

László Dubrovay is a Hungarian composer, born in Budapest on 23 March 1943. Laszlo Dubrovay attended the Bela Bartok Conservatory and the Academy of Music, graduating in 1966. His professors of composition were Istvan Szelenyi, Ferenc Szabo and Imre Vincze. On a scholarship of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD),he continued his studies in West Germany between 1972 and […]