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February 06

Sideways – Alexander Payne and the mid-life crises Odyesey. (Film review)

Alexander Payne’s second most successful film to date – his most up until Nebraska – is also arguably his funniest, if you like conversational wit over quirky charm, because its best competition is and always will be the titular Payne film (that incidentally is nothing like any other Payne film) Election. Now two films and […]

February 04

Election – Alexander Payne finds his stride. (Film Review)

Riding on the success of Citizen Ruth, the writing team of Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, and the film making success of director Alexander Payne, editor Kevin Trent and cinematographer James Glennon continues three years later with the arrival of the great film, Election, arguably both teams best work, most certainly one of Alexander Payne’s […]