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January 09

Gangster Squad – Ruben Fleischer’s good v’s evil. (film review)

Next year it will be thirty years since Brian de Palma made The Untouchables (I know!  I know!) one of the many rough parodies of Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, which was made sixty-two years earlier. Gangster Squad is our latest incarnation in the long running homage (we even have the all-important massacre on the steps scene) to a […]

Melancholia Non Grata: Lars von Trier and the Infinite Sadness

I attended a seminar last night completely devoted to Lars von triers film Melancholia. I wrote my own review of this film when  I saw it, and I confess my response to it was mixed. While I adored aspects of the film, there were certain responses to it that turned me off parts of the […]

Dogs Barking – Pantsguys do Richard Zajdlic and bring in-yer-face to Fringe. (Sydney Fringe Festival)

A sign outside the performance of Dogs Barking in the King Street Theatre reads: Dogs Barking contains coarse language and cigarette smoke … as if these are the most confronting elements about this “in-yer-face” theatre production written by Richard Zajdlic. It turns out to be a poor warning for the uninitiated into “in-yer-face” theatre, a style […]

Here Lies Henry: Jason Langley and Matthew Hyde do Daniel MacIvor (Sydney Fringe Festival)

Metatheatre is usually loosely described as comedy and tragedy at the same time, where the audience laughs while experiencing empathy. The technique allows for a unique experience where audience and actor are almost blurred into a different sort of creature so that the traditional experience of “watching a play” is completely turned upon its head. […]

Room – Peter Malicki locks us all up and asks the hard questions. (Sydney Fringe Festival)

Throughout the performance of Room you will hear several films referenced.  Cube, Saw, and The Matrix are some of them.  All these films deal in some way with our abilities to observe ourselves within a stylised reality that has been created for us. They are each about the discovery that what we thought about our […]

Droplets – Dominic Lash moving sound around

The liner notes in Droplets, conceived by Dominic Lash tells us of a group formed by Lash specifically to focus on performance of works by the Wandelweiser collective. This floating group of musicians will be known as The Set Ensemble, and relate primarily through a shared interest in the work of Alain Badiou who deployes mathematical set […]

Happy Birthday Shakespeare – Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. William Shakespeare I was adored once too. William Shakespeare      

Les Cousins – Chabrol takes the French New Wave on a descent to Hell.

Backed with money inherited by his wife, Chabrol wrote, produced and directed Le Beau Serge in 1958, a film often cited as the first New Wave feature. Shot over nine weeks in Sardent, using natural light and real locations, the film portrays a detailed picture of working class life in a bleak provincial village. Reflecting the influence of both […]

The Cat from Cat Hill – Loris. Music that meanders through my subterranean caverns.

Deep inside my capacity for music listening is a vast potential for horizonal expansion with the texture of cyber-like plasticity. Separate from the music that now inhabits it, or rather tries to inhabit, is the space for music. Long before the music presented itself, something inside me – god, evolution or an expanding to nowhere […]

Film – Samuel Beckett takes to the flicks.

I watched a wonderful short film tonight. A man is running through the streets.  he is spotted by a couple and recoils at the sight of them, running on past. The couple are shocked to see him. he runs on, till finally he reaches the door of a room. At the door he takes his […]