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July 09

Rocket Man – Paul Gilchrist, Subtlenuance and the enormity of our stories. (Theatre Review)

The song Rocket Man made famous by Elton John is based on a Ray Bradbury short story called The Rocket Man.  While the song deals with the idea that traveling into space and back is similar to being a traveling salesman, Bradbury’s story deals with the complexity of forming a relationship with a person who […]

March 27

Mother Joan of the Angels – Jerzy Kawalerowicz and repression in “Devil Possession” films. (film review)

I wanted to make a film about human nature and its innate reaction against repression and laws which are imposed on it. Jerzy kawalerowicz In the history of films about demonic possession, probably the three most important are The Exorcist, The Devils and Mother Joan of the Angels.  Interestingly, both The Devils and Mother Joan […]

March 26

The Credeaux Canvas – Sure Foot Productions does Keith Bunin. (theatre review)

In an interview for AIMbitious TV, Keith Bunin talks about solving the “problem” of writing and also asserts that deep engagement with this process is the role of art in general. For Bunin, his writing is involved with the problems we face and the pain we cause when we are trying to love each other. […]

March 26

Rust and Bone – Jacques Audiard’s film on Melodrama. (film review)

When Jacques Audiard and Thomas Bidegain decided to make a film based on Craig Davidson’s book of short stories Rust and Bone, it wasn’t for the plot, or even the characters. It was for the intensity of lives blown out of proportion by drama and accident. There was a complex relationship between hard lives and […]

March 16

Performance (A Late Quartet) – Yaron Zilberman’s astonishing debut. (film review)

It is so interesting that I saw The Paperboy a week or so ago, and I put the writing problems of that film down to inexperience.  Then I go to see Performance (titled A Late Quartet in the States) and it is easily one of the best films of 2012, coming from a first time […]

February 20

Beautiful Creatures – Richard LaGravenese and the love of a good script. (film reviews)

Richard LaGravenese seems to be an odd choice as the director for the first of the series post-Twilight fantasy series Beautiful Creatures, mostly because he’s a screen writer and not a director. Yet, in a way this odd twist has worked out well for the film because it has a fantastic script based on the […]

January 28

Le Gai Savoir – Godard teaches while we experience the Joy of Learning. (film review)

And not of the fear of dying – I have always been reconciled to that – but of this expanse in front of me, on all sides, like a forgotten path. Terrified to find myself in front of a mirror without any images.  To feel the shadow on an absent being detached from me. Engaged […]

January 24

Zero Dark Thirty – Katherine Bigelow takes out Osama bin Laden. (Film Review)

A film maker as talented as Katherine Bigelow is absolutely aware that when you weave a fiction in film you work from point of view, and to give the role of torturer to the hero in the film with whom we don’t just sympathize, but either want to “be” or “fuck” is going to cause […]

January 19

Ono – Ennui: A really good reason to love the 80’s (Music Review)

Ok, so here is a better reason to love the 80’s than even the Eurythmics.  The impossible to underestimate importance of Ono and particularly the powerhouse front man Travis P. (or simply Travis – check his website here) who adds the spiritual angst to the bands tempered electronics, is evident in their influence (I discovered […]

January 18

Time of the Wolf – Haneke and the start of all things at the end of the World. (Film Review)

If you ever catch yourself wondering how the first full realized (as we know it today) human creatures “decided” to bring religion and politics into their lives, Time of the Wolf is the film for you. A truly underrated Haneke masterpiece, Time of the Wolf is a typically complicated tale of desperation in human beings […]